Reno Massage Therapy

We offer outcall Swedish, Deep Tissue, Zen Shiatsu, and Thai Massage sessions. Our therapists are licensed in Nevada and have over 800 hours of individual training. We strive to make your experience one that is healing, relaxing, and worthwhile. 

Maryam “Kiana”  Broome, LMT NVMT 5440
Jonathan Gutstadt, LMT  NVMT 9145


Massage Therapy Treatments

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the most popular around the world. Using oil and long strokes, Swedish massage relaxes achy muscles, increases circulation, and just feels great. It is also known as relaxation massage, due to it’s ability to help you, well, relax.

Zen Shiatsu

Shiatsu is Japanese for “finger pressure.” Shiatsu is a Japanese form of massage that uses stretching, acupressure and wisdom from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This means that Shiatsu works on your meridian lines or chi lines, and can release stagnate energy, revitalize your organs, and impact your body on a deeper level than massages that solely focus on muscle tension.


Thai Massage

Thai massage is a powerful form of massage that in many ways acts as assisted yoga. Full of stretches and pressure points, it is a deep massage that may not be suitable for those who don’t like deep pressure or those who are not very flexible or frail.


Deep Tissue Massage

Sometimes known as myofascial release, Deep Tissue massage aims at increasing the mobility of your connective tissue, or fascia. A lot of people think that a deep massage is automatically deep tissue, but that’s not necessarily the case. This type of massage is great for sports injuries and people with a lot of built-up scar tissue.